August 1st, 2021 11:21PM EDT
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Keep your hydraulic equipment operating at peak performance years past its warranty! Trust our experienced Valve Repair Team to provide a Cost-Effective solution for servo and proportional valves, servo-actuators and electronic controllers.

Servo systems are serviced on our computer controlled test center, which assures precise and consistent quality test reports from our 5000 psi servo grade stainless steel test stand with oil filtration to 3.8 microns absolute.

We service recognized brands such as TSS, Abex, Moog, Atchley, M.T.S., Atlas, Oil Gear, Bosch, Parker, Bullard, Pegasus, CEI, R.V.A., Cincinnati, Rexroth, Denison, SLI,Double A, Star, Dowty, Sunstrand, Dyval, Tokyo Keiki, Honeywell, Tokyo Precision, Hunkar, Ultra, Kawasaki, Unimation, Marrotta, and Vickers.

Lynch Electro-Hydraulics carries over 30 valve adaptors to accommodate most common valve mounting patterns. Design and manufacturing of adapters for any special valve on a rush basis if required.

Industries we serve include Test and Simulation, Aerospace, Military, Power Generation, Rail Road, SubĀ¬Sea, Automotive, Paper and Lumber, Plastic, Steel, Aluminum and many more.

  • Over 33 years of electro-hydraulic service experience
  • All repairs and thorough from run in to run out
  • Extensive database and computerized test stand
  • One year Workmanship Warranty to assure your satisfaction
  • Repair parts are stringently inspected by hydraulic engineers
  • Repairs done in-house with all special fixtures required for every valve design
  • Save money by repairing older design valves to make them run like new

From concept or circuit drawing, our team of Hydraulic Design Engineers will ensure that your hydraulics are optimized for maximum performance and cost reduction. Complete support includes; conceptualization, engineering, component selection, 3D modeling/design, first class machining, assembly, documentation and validation. Your manifold systems are produced in attractive lead times at competitive prices

Lynch Headquarters Mississauga on map.
1799 Argentia Road
Mississauga, Ontario, L5N 3A2
Lynch Headquarters New York on map.
3790 Commerce Court Suite 500,
North Tonawanda, New York, 14120