February 8, 2023 1:12PM EST

Ecoline – New Energy efficient Valves from SUN Hydraulics & FASTER Quick Release Couplings (QRC)


‘Reshaping the cartridge valve industry with sustainable valves’

As the global consequences of climate change and energy control become more evident, there is a greater emphasis on energy conservation in all industries.

Our innovative partner, SUN Hydraulics is doing their part as they introduce the new energy-efficient valves in their new ECOLINE™ program now available at Lynch Fluid Controls.

The Ecoline™ program, is a selection of fuel/energy saving, cost-effective valves that can reduce energy consumption by as much as 70%.
Please take this into consideration while moving forward in your current or very next design.  Creating machines and systems that have increased range and reduced operating costs are sure to bring a smile to your customers faces.

In addition to the Ecoline™, Lynch has also added the Quick Release Couplings (QRC) line of products to its catalogue. Products include Faster, Diagnostic and FFH Flat Faced Quick Release couplings. Faster quick-release couplings in hydraulic integrated packages enables customized solutions for a wide range of hydraulic applications

Lynch Fluid Controls continues to provide new and improved services to our
customers by expanding the catalogue with SUN’s products. Get in touch with us by filling out the contact form on our website or email us at sales@lynch.ca

Hydraulics in Defense and Aerospace

When thinking about hydraulic applications, defense and aerospace are quite often at the top of the list.
Many industries such as mining, construction, forestry, oil and gas, and utilities routinely use hydraulics in the operation of heavy machinery.
What is not common knowledge is that a vast amount of the technology was developed and advanced through necessity by the defense and aerospace sectors.

Hydraulics is a technology involving a mechanical function that operates through force of liquid under pressure. This force greatly surpasses the force created by electronic or pneumatic means.

Power density is the key reason for using hydraulics in military applications, particularly where power and precision are required. Hydraulic systems can provide the high levels of force necessary to operate heavy equipment, as well as the precise control needed for delicate operations.

Examples of Hydraulic Use in Defense Applications (a few, there are many!)

Controlling robotic arms

Hydraulic systems offer several advantages for defense applications, including high power-to-weight ratios, compactness, and reliability. Hydraulic systems are an essential part of defense equipment and have played a vital role in the defense of countries around the world.

From countering powerful recoil to providing precision, hydraulics take the spotlight. Using robot arms in munitions factories help reduce injuries amongst workers and enable fine precision work which would be hard for a person to undertake by hand. The hydraulics in robotic arms allow for a superior level of control and accuracy in movement. 

Lifting and positioning aircraft parts during assembly & maintenance

Hydraulics do the heavy lifting during aircraft maintenance, allowing machinery to lift and maneuver parts into the correct place safely. Hydraulics really do provide the backbone of the defense industry, allowing for much quicker and more efficient turn arounds between missions and enhancing the safety of ground crews.  

Moving heavy loads around military bases

Many military ground vehicles have hydraulic parts including loading ramps that allow for easy transport of heavy loads around bases and shipped decks. Hydraulics are often used when stability and accuracy are key, for example if munitions are being transported, it is paramount that they are done so in a safe and reliable manner.

Hydraulics you can trust

Lives depend on hydraulic system reliability. At Lynch, we take safety very seriously.
Having a hydraulic system that has been built by experts and rigorously tested is essential.

Our team of Hydraulic Engineers are among the best in the world, with many years of diverse experience. They continue to work with top defense and aerospace companies and adhere to the highest standards in engineered manifold systems. 

Lynch offers research and development services. FEA, CFD, Life Cycle Testing, Static & Dynamic Testing, Burst pressures to 100,000 PSI.

Certifications and Standards

  • ISO9001:2015
  • AS9100D
  • Controlled Goods Program (CGP), Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), ITAR, Compliant

For three decades, Lynch Fluid Controls has taken pride in maintaining rigorous quality accreditations to deliver superior products with unsurpassed attention to quality, safety, and reliability.

Best Defense Conference 2022

Lynch Fluid Controls is a leading provider of hydraulic and motion control systems across a wide range of sectors. Visit our friendly and welcoming team at the Best Defense Conference in London, Ontario from November 16 -17, 2022 to learn how we will save you time and resources by being a single-source solution to engineer, manufacture, assemble, test and validate your next hydraulic defense solution.

Sun Hydraulics

Sun delivers smart solutions for demanding applications in all your favorite hydraulics markets. No matter where you go, there we are. Contact Lynch, your authorized Sun Distributor in Ontario and New York for your standard or custom hydraulic needs!

Sun Hydraulics – Motion Control for Mobile and Industrial Markets

Sun delivers smart solutions for demanding applications in all your favorite hydraulics markets. No matter where you go, there we are. Contact Lynch, your authorized Sun Distributor in Ontario and New York for your standard or custom hydraulic needs!

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Forging a U.S. Presence – How to Access the U.S.

BUFFALO, N.Y.—Lynch Fluid Controls Inc., established in 1987, is a manufacturing company based in Ontario, Canada, producing hydraulic and motion control products. They supply the aerospace, military, material handling, construction, and oil and gas industries. In Canada, they own multiple facilities totaling 63,000 sq. ft. and employing upwards of 90 employees.Ernie Lynch, President Lynch Fluid Controls

Despite all that success, Lynch knows, like a great painting, his business is never finished. In 2017, he put his eyes on a new frontier: American expansion.

With the help of Invest Buffalo Niagara, in just a few months, Lynch USA, the U.S. subsidiary company, was born. Since, they have set up a warehousing and distributing space, with hopes to break into American manufacturing in phase two of their expansion. In each of their first 10 months, Lynch USA has hit targets, reaching 210% of their goal in June.

Read the full article here.


Sun to buy quick-release hydraulic couplings manufacturer

Sun Hydraulics announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Faster Group, a leading global manufacturer of quick-release hydraulic couplings headquartered in Milan, Italy.  Strategically, this represents an extension of Sun’s current hydraulics product offering and expands our global reach.  Faster’s strong engineering and manufacturing presence in Europe and access to trend-setting global OEMs will significantly expand our opportunities in the hydraulics industry.

In addition to its primary manufacturing operations in Milan, Faster manufactures or assembles product in Toledo, Ohio, and Pune, India.  The company also has sales offices in China, Brazil and Germany.  We welcome Faster to the Sun family.

To download the press release, click here.