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Sun Hydraulics is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance, screw-in hydraulic cartridge valves and manifolds which control force, speed and motion as integral components in fluid power systems. The innovative floating construction of the Company's screw-in cartridge valves provides demonstrable performance and reliability advantages compared to other available screw-in cartridge valves. Screw-in cartridge valves are an increasingly accepted alternative to conventional forms of hydraulic valving, offering significant design flexibility, as well as substantial size, weight and efficiency benefits afforded to designers of fluid power systems. A methodical design process is undertaken by Sun engineers to meet the expected performance requirements in a screw-in cartridge valve which fits Sun's unique cavity. Prototypes are typically hand built and subject to extensive testing in the lab and under actual field conditions until the desired performance levels are achieved. During product development, engineers work closely with manufacturing personnel to define the processes required to manufacture the product reliably and consistently. Sun is a process intensive manufacturing operation which extensively utilizes state of the art CNC machinery to manufacture its products with consistent replication and minimal lead times.
Our exclusive distribution arrangement with Sun Hydraulics has been the backbone in our manifold manufacturing division. We have been able to take cartridge valve integration to a new level, and are now suppliers to many well recognized fluid power establishments and OEM's.


  • Smart product innovation
  • Emphasis on quality, reliability
  • Fast, dependable delivery
  • Expert technical support
  • Superior customer service


Ecoline™ – New Energy efficient Valves

The Ecoline™ program, is a selection of fuel/energy saving, cost-effective valves that can reduce energy consumption by as much as 70%. Sun's new ecoline™ program is comprised of popular products such as the LoadMatch™ cartridge valve, LoadAdaptive™, Series 4 PLUS cartridges, T-18AU & T-19 AU cavities, Sun Cavity & QuickDesign™, and the latest ecofriendly addition, the eSense™ solution.

FASTER Quick Release Valves

Lynch Fluid Controls has also added the Quick Release Couplings (QRC) line of products to our catalogue. Products include Faster, Diagnostic and FFH Flat Faced Quick Release couplings. Faster quick release couplings in hydraulic integrated packages allow for bespoke solutions for a wide range of hydraulic applications.



Sun Hydraulics' screw-in Hydraulic cartridge valves feature a unique, two piece floating construction. Cartridge products are available in up to 5 sizes (capacities), are capable of handling flows up to 400 gallons per minute, and operate at pressure up to 5,000 pounds per square inch.


Pair the new SUN FLeX Series RVCK solenoid-operated unloading adjustable relief valve with Lynch's D03 bar manifold, subplates or standard SUN bodies for dual functionality. (With T-10A Cavity)


Sun's new compact, bluetooth configurable electro-hydraulic driver is built to stand up to extreme environmental conditions in mobile and industrial applications. Sun's amplifiers with embedded electronics are built for easy assembly and to meet unique customer requirements. Offered in a wide range of control configurations and connector options, Sun's electro-hydraulic valves with embedded electronics are ideal for both mobile and industrial applications.


Sun Hydraulics offers standard and custom manifolds in a variety of materials and coating options. Material options include:
  • Wrought aluminum - In US, alloy 6061, temper designation T651 (The Aluminum Association) (ASTM B221 for Extruded Bar); In EU, 6082T651. Maximum pressure rating of 3,000 psi (210 bar), a proof rating of 6,000 psi (420 bar), and a burst rating of 12,000 psi (840 bar).
  • Ductile (nodular cast) Iron - In US, Grade 64-45-12 (ASTM A 536); in EU, EN16482:2014/ENGJS-400-15. Maximum pressure rating of 5000 psi (350 bar), a proof rating of 10,000 psi (700 bar), and a burst rating of 20,000 psi (1400 bar).
Surface Treatment Options:
  • Clear Anodize - Class I, Type II Anodizing per Mil-A-8625F
  • Black Anodize - Class II, Type II Anodizing per Mil-A-8625F
  • Dewatering Oil – Dewatering oil offers limited corrosion protection during shipping and storage. Amount of corrosion protection is minimal and varies depending on the environment it is stored in. This is the standard option for custom integrated packages.
  • Chemical Blackening – Black oxide coating offers limited corrosion protection during shipping and storage. Amount of corrosion protection is minimal and varies depending on the environment it is stored in. Chemical blackening is standard on three-letter bodies.
  • Trivalent Clear Zinc with Top Sealer – Trivalent Clear Zinc with Top Sealer is rated for 96 hours of protection per salt fog test per ASTM B117 or ISO 9227 5% saline. Trivalent Clear Zinc with Top Sealer is RoHs compliant.
  • Clear Zinc Nickel with Top Sealer – SAE AMS 2417, composition contains 10% to 20% Ni, with clear trivalent chromate treatment is rated for 1000 hours of protection per salt fog test per ASTM B117 or ISO 9227 5% saline. Clear Zinc Nickel is RoHs compliant


Sun filter cartridges trap and remove particles to help prevent premature component wear and system failure. Sun filter cartridges are cavity mounted for low installed profile, added system security and to prevent tampering. The elements have a high collapse pressure and are intended to be used directly in line and at system pressure up to 5000 psi and flow rates up to 80 gpm.
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